Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I was waiting for something -dary

I'm re-watching season five of Scrubs on dvd, and I'd forgotten how great the show is. Really, it's amazing what happened to it season six, it just went off on some crazy tangent where it forgot how to be hilarious. But I still have season six on dvd, because who buys seasons 1-5 and then just gives up? I'm no quitter.

Speaking of why I hate basketball (I'm so good at these transition sentences), HIMYM was not on tv tonight. Why? Basketball. You know what was on, though? The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. AKA total crap. CBS, why do you hate me?? That, plus you're thinking about bringing Britney back? You're killing me.

Also speaking of basketball, Bill Simmons has a great explanation for why he doesn't watch college basketball, which I've been meaning to post as an explanation of why I don't like college basketball much:

As long as the NBA is running on all cylinders -- and really, it hasn't happened in 15 years -- I don't see why anyone would watch college over pro unless they had a favorite college team (which I don't, thanks to Holy Cross fading into obscurity). Of all the guys we watched in the tournament this year, maybe eight of them could step into an NBA rotation right away, and only two of them (Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley) could start for a decent team. Personally, I'd rather watch basketball played passionately at the highest possible level; the NBA hasn't been this good since the watershed 1992-93 season and the competitiveness of its games has just been absolutely remarkable.

Now, I'm not claiming to know who Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley are (I'm a busy girl!), but his general point that there's not much point to watching college basketball if you just want to see good basketball holds true. Maybe I'm just biased because my family always watched the NBA, and please don't leave comments telling me how college is "purer" than the NBA (well you can if you want, I just may choose not to read them, or to roll my eyes as I read them), but that's how I see it. It's like watching the WNBA. Why watch the WNBA when you can see NBA players doing the same thing, only well?


Henry said...

Still can't get me to buy season six of Scrubs, even as I've seen some good deals for it everywhere the past month or so. Besides the musical episode, there was nothing too memorable about the season. I think when the series ends, I'll cave and get it to complete the set, but right now, it's no go on buying season six.

I'm a college fan, but simply 'cause I like the atmosphere of the college game. It may contain less overall skill than the NBA, but the NBA lost me with its all-business approach to games and having not produced a genuinely good and worthy champion since the Lakers. And I'm not particularly fond of the Lakers so...

Mr. Cooper said...

I find that both sexist and true.

John said...

Don't be too upset about it Reva; Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men were both repeats anyway!