Monday, April 14, 2008

Jamie wouldn't help me steal her

Yesterday at the dog park there was one of the cutest puppies ever. It was a little bulldog puppy, white with a black patch around one eye. She was super soft and was still all awkward when she ran, it was adorable. Everyone at the dog park wanted to steal her. I thought the cutest thing was when the puppy ran up to this little girl who looked no more than two years old (the puppy belonged to her family). The puppy went up to her and hit her in the leg to knock her down onto her hands and knees, and while she was down the puppy jumped up on her head like she was trying to wrestle. It was like the puppy didn't know the difference between the little girl and another dog, it was hilarious.

Speaking of puppies, Christine sent me the cutest Cal bandana for Jamie, and since I don't have a camera still I can't post a picture of him looking adorable. Sadness.

Scrubs this week? Looking good again. I just finished rewatching season 5 on DVD and really, it was still quite good then. So it was only season 6 that was having troubles. I'm hoping that season 7 stays back on track. What's off track? The Office.

Last night I had a dream that I was out with my friends somewhere and the Backstreet Boys were there (but without my favorite member, sadly). I was trying to convince my friends that we should do karaoke with them because, come on, karaoke with BSB! And my friends were being difficult about it and saying no, although I think the Backstreet Boys were up for it. I did stipulate that we'd all have to be drunk so no one would be able to tell how bad we were in comparison to them, though.

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CAC Attack said...

He is absolutely adorable!