Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last day of school!

I am in the middle of my second to last law school class ever. I've been drinking beer for a couple of hours already. Actually, we brought beers in our last class to all the 3Ls, plus our professor, because we're just that cool. Plus that professor is also that cool. We love him super hard.

Speaking of professors, I ran into a professor I had 1L year who I loved earlier today. He was on sabbatical my 2L year, and I haven't talked to him all this year. Anyway, I was just turning a corner when I heard someone call out my name and say hello. I turned around, and it was this professor! I was shocked that he remembered my name. He said hello and asked how I was, and I told him well, and that I was really sad that he'd been gone my 2L year because I would have taken X class with him. He asked me where I was going this summer and I told him DC, and he asked me, aren't you from California? And I responded, why yes I am. And he asked, Berkeley? And I said that's not where I'm from, and he said isn't that where you went to undergrad? At this point I was totally shocked that he remembered that and I told him so. I mean, we were a class of like 70, I don't know how he even knew that in the first place because I don't think I ever went to office hours or anything. It was really strange but super awesome because I loved him so much, and he remembers me! /might be stalking me.

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abby said...

I had a similar weird moment with the same prof a few months ago. Steve and I were walking to class, and he came up behind us and was like "Abby and Steve, how is your third year going?". I asked Steve how the hell he remembered our names.