Monday, April 21, 2008

Really, you think I care?

I just started getting emails saying "So-and-so joined Facebook." Not only do I not care who just joined Facebook, but they're also sending me these emails for anyone I *may* know, aka (at least for the only email I opened up) anyone who went to Berkeley. You know, along with 30,000 other people at any given point. Adam has so far been alone is his Facebook complaints, but today I can't take it anymore and I join him--this has got to stop!! This is madness.


Mr. Cooper said...

You're actually getting e-mails about who you might know? I just get it on my welcome page. I think you need to change your settings.

Reva said...

I've already changed the settings, but these emails must be new because I just got two this morning. It's not just that I might know them, it's that they just joined and I might know them.