Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Sorry, we were born in the 80s."

Tonight marked our triumphant* return to trivia after being gone all semester! Trivia is Tuesday nights and it just so happens that Wendesday is the busiest day of the week for Bri and me, so we just haven't really been able to make it happen. We discovered upon our arrival that the normal trivia girl is no longer doing it since her work schedule has changed, so now it's new people, who did an ok job (it's only their second week so they're still getting the hang of it). We had several categories that were just disasters for us (Star Wars and Kiss), so we made several guesses that got us funny answer nominations, although we weren't chosen as the funny answer winners because we pissed off the nerds. Our answers for a Star Wars question 2 was "If I know the answer to this, I am never getting laid." Our answer to Star Wars question 3 was "See question 2." That seemed to upset some people in the audience when that was read aloud. My personal favorite for the night, however was our answer to the question "In what movie did Kiss fight a mad scientist at Six Flags Magic Mountain?" (Our answer: Kiss versus the Mad Scientist at Six Flags Magic Mountain.) I forget what some of our other funny ones were. But they were high-larious. I assure you.

*By "triumphant," I mean "losing badly."

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Mr. Cooper said...

May 6. You. Me. Andy.

We will dominate.