Monday, May 12, 2008

All alone!

My parents just left town, and they took my brother and my doggie with them. Devin because he's moved out of the dorms, of course, and my doggie because I realized that him being here while I'm studying for the bar will be boring for him and difficult for me, because I can't just ignore him all day and bury myself studying (man I can't wait to start that). Plus I'm not coming back to Durham after I leave for CA for the bar, so I'd have to fly to Dallas with him at some point anyway for my parents to have him while I'm in CA and such. So, given all of that, we decided it's easier if they just take him now. And it sucks because now the house is way too quiet. Sadness of my heart.

My laptop has been ridiculously noisy ever since Christmas, for some reason. The fan is so loud that in classes I get funny looks because it sounds like there's a lawnmower hidden somewhere in my computer. So now that classes and finals are over I'm finally sending it in to IBM to get fixed. If I tried to take the bar with my computer like this, I'd probably be lynched by the entire room. I have my old computer from undergrad, but I haven't used it in three years and I'm not sure how easy it's going to be. So you might have light posting again for the next few days, but fingers crossed I'll get my computer back in a couple of days (a computer which is quiet!). Anyway, fair warning of few posts plus intermittent email access.

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