Monday, May 26, 2008

Back home

Well, I have returned from DC, and overall I think the trip was pretty successful. I saw somewhere between 17 and 20 apartments, and although most of them won't work for one reason or another, I have like five good options right now. Four of those, it turns out, are in Virginia, not DC proper. I really want a one bedroom and den, so I can have an office, and people who come to visit me (hopefully more than came to Durham!) can have something of a guest room rather than just a couch. And in any area I'd want to live in DC, that's *really* expensive. Especially when you add in parking and stuff like that. If I have to choose between living in DC, and having the bigger, nicer apartment, I'm going with the apartment. It's still not far from DC (only one or two metro stops away) so it's not a big sacrifice, but that's probably where I'll end up being, although I'm still looking on craigslist and stuff for particular areas in DC.

I got a big packet in the mail over the weekend from the company I did my aerobics certification exam with, and it has a letter and a membership card saying things like, welcome to AFAA, we're glad to have you as a member. And it's dated the day of/day after (I can't remember) of my exam. But it doesn't say anywhere that I actually passed the exam, so I don't know if membership means I did, or just that they got my paperwork! So I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what the deal is. I guess technically I wouldn't be certified anyway because I need to get my CPR certification renewed before it takes effect, but still, they should make these things a little clearer.

I had a dream last night that I was going to law school grad school. It was like three years of study of a particular field, and I was doing museum studies so I could do museum law afterward. And apparently at least one of the professors had magic powers (I think it was my contracts professor mixed with Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man (we were watching it last night)), and he was supposed to use his powers to "make us feel comfortable" at school. And it was sort of implied that this power might get passed down to me. Then we were standing around talking outside when a bride showed up because she was getting married right around there and she was trying to take photos with her bridesmaid, so we had to move into something that looked like a sauna (but wasn't on, so it was just like a wood building). And then we teleported or something all of a sudden into an elementary school classroom which had a tile wall, and the teacher had magical powers too and she was using the magic powers to rearrange the tiles to make it look totally different and I was like, no wonder her classroom always looks so cool!

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Mr. Cooper said...

I look forward to the guest room, and I appreciate your consideration.