Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's not the weekend??

I haven't had class on a Friday in two years. And hell, I haven't even had class on a *Thursday* for the past year. So tomorrow is going to suck. I'm trying to think of it as easing my was into the real world, though. It's still class, and it's only a half day, but it's five days a week. Kind of like when I was two and my mom put me in school half days, so I could socialize and get used to not being at home with her all the time. Only with more video lectures.

Also, I think someone just ruined the end of the Sex and the City movie for me on his blog. It's not like I was all about that movie or anything, but I wanted to know what happened, seeing as I've seen pretty much all of the show (although not in order) over the last however many years. And I didn't want to know what happened by having someone mention it on his blog. Hmph.

Speaking of ruining things, about the season finale of Lost...

I won't say much, just that I'm glad we finally know who was in the coffin! In that last scene I thought they were going to fade to black and I was going to kill someone. Glad it didn't come to that.

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