Monday, May 05, 2008

Leave us alone!

Here's a cool post from a guy who looks at the number of football players drafted from college teams, and how well their college teams did before they got drafted. It only looks at the Pac-10, so people who aren't interested in the west coast won't care, but I thought it was an interesting analysis.

Also, we went to the movies a couple of nights ago and Chris had the following conversation with a really abrasive ticket seller (paraphrased since I don't remember it verbatim):

Chris: Three tickets for Sarah Marshall.
Seller: Ok, would you like to donate a dollar?
Chris: No thanks.
Seller: But I didn't even tell you what it's for. It's for the children (points to a Children's Miracle Network sign)
Chris: No thanks, still not interested.
Seller: But it's for the children!
Chris: Yeah, I know.
Seller: Fine, it's on your head.

It was so rude and aggressive, I was really surprised. Also I was glad that I had Chris buying my ticket so I wouldn't have to tell the mean lady no myself!

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