Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Making Mischief

Bri and I like to amuse ourselves when Chris is out of town by doing stuff to his apartment. You of course know about the jello wrestling pool, and another day we bought like 20 boxes of saran wrap and just wrapped furniture and a bunch of random stuff in his house (I didn't blog about it because I didn't have my camera, and so I couldn't show any pictures of it!). So this past week Chris was out of town again visiting home, so Bri and I decided to wander around Wal-Mart and come up with something to do to his apartment. And we came up with balloons! And some other round objects.

First we got some beach balls:

And then 144 balloons:

And we filled up his shower. This was only 72 balloons, actually, in case you ever need to know how many balloons it takes to fill up a shower (well 72 balloons and five beach balls).

Then we filled his microwave with tennis balls and other things similarly-sized.

Then we filled his dryer with balloons.

And then in the other tub we had somewhere between 200 and 230 water balloons (the package originally had 250 but there was some shoddy craftsmanship so a bunch broke). It's not filled, obviously, but that would have taken about 1000 water balloons and that was just not happening.

Then we went and filled his hall closet.

And we had some extra and went back to the laundry room and shoved some more in there!


I realize it's nowhere near as awesome as a jello wrestling pool, or as getting goats and leaving them in his apartment would be (that's a long-standing dream of ours, but the places where you can rent goats around here--and they do exist--only let you rent them for a month at a time, to eat grass and whatnot), but hey, it's hard to come up with ideas.

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