Friday, May 16, 2008

My Other Career

As I mentioned a while back, I decided to get certified to teach group fitness. Well, in March the woman who was helping teach me how to teach decided that I was a quick study, and that she was tired, so she just kind of gave me her class for the rest of the semester. It was pretty flattering I guess, because I'd only taught parts of two classes (aka two weeks worth) when she called in sick to work and just asked me to do the whole class myself, and from then on it was just me. Anyway, the summer gym schedule started this week, and I officially have not one but two classes of my own. It's kind of cool, I'm on the website and everything. And people like my class! I mean, it's not like everyone and their mother is there, but the regulars that come seem to really like me, which makes me happy because I'd always wanted to be the kind of instructor where you're excited to go work out because it's fun (which is how I usually feel about the gym, so I know it's possible). I've already decided it's way more fun than being a lawyer will be.


CAC Attack said...

Awesome! Does that mean you have to look like an instructor when you teach? Like nice workout stuff? When I workout I wear free t-shirts from my various activities and sweats from the girls section at target.

Reva said...

They never said anything about what we are supposed to wear, so I'm just wearing the same stuff I always do, which is tank tops and shorts/capri workout pants. I used to always wear the various Cal/free shirts, but I decided I like tank tops better so now the only use I have for those free shirts is painting and stuff like that.