Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two is better than one...except when it's not

Today was day two of graduation for me. Last night was the hooding ceremony, which is the big deal for the law school, and is just for us. Then this morning is the school-wide commencement ceremony, which most law students don't go to, and I wouldn't have either except my brother was going for himself and since I would have had to go anyway to see him, I figured I might as well throw on the cap and gown one more time rather than just sit in the stands. But it was pouring the entire time. And it had dropped like 20 degrees since yesterday, so it was cold rain. Aka very not fun. And the rain mixed with my shoes caused serious blisters so I ended up walking all over campus barefoot because I just couldn't handle the shoes anymore (but I figured that if I could survive walking around Berkeley barefoot, I could survive the Duke campus). Then after that I turned in my cap and gown and hood (we didn't get to keep it--ridiculous! Especially for the rental fee they charged), picked up my diploma (amazing, seeing as it took us five months to get our undergrad ones), and ran (barefoot) to my brother's departmental graduation, which was both indoors and under an hour, so it was basically perfect.

Here are a couple of random photos from last night (and anyone who is in one of these or any other photo from last night, I'm happy to email you copies).


CAC Attack said...

Congratulations!!! Yay for the Reva! I hope you don't have to start reviewing too soon. When are you moving to DC?

andy said...

heh. email me a copy... and then burn the original. ;-)