Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What lies ahead

A couple of weeks ago I got the boxes with my reading for my bar study class this summer, but I didn't bother opening them until today. (And yes, it's boxes, plural...apparently one box just couldn't contain all the bar fun-times that I'm supposed to learn.) The way the class works is that I go to lecture (or in our case, dvd's of the live lecture elsewhere...yup, we'll be sitting in a room watching a video of a lecture. Weird, I know) and then fill in the blanks on these worksheets that they give us. It's their way of making sure we follow along and don't just zone out. Anyway, here is the book with the workbooks for the class lectures:

Yikes, right? Seems scary to me. I have another box and a half filled with books like this, but those are just things I'm supposed to read, and practice exams. Oh joy. Of course it could be worse, some people actually started their classes today! Thank God ours starts next Tuesday. I am trying to live these days as if they're my last. Actually, today I decided to try to learn how to quilt. It's not going too badly so far (except for the part where I broke a needle on my sewing machine and couldn't figure out how to get the needle to not lean to the right...turns out I just had to adjust the stitch width), although I think I've done the "easy part" of the quilt I'm working on. It's pretty small, so I think I'll give it to Jamie when I'm done. He won't notice the uneven squares, either. Of if he does, he'll be polite enough not to mention them.

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