Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yay for crafts

I'm going up to DC tomorrow to check out some apartments, and I don't know why it always takes me until 1:30 am to finish packing, but it does. Granted, I didn't start til like an hour ago, so that's part of the problem. But it never fails, I always end up doing it sometime after midnight, which makes me worry that I'm going to forget stuff.

I was watching my DVR'd American Idol finale tonight, and the show cut off literally while Ryan was reading the results off the official results card. I had to run upstairs and ask Abby who won (she actually watched it live). And (spoiler alert!) hooray David Cook! He's been my fave since pretty much the beginning (maybe since the top 20 or 18 or whatever it is they do?), so I am happy.

I like the Classico spaghetti sauce, but every jar is hard to open! I don't know what it is they do to them, but I always have to run it under hot water or do something to try to get it open. Usually that's enough, but today I had to actually pop open the seal by stabbing the top of the jar, and then it finally opened.

I finished my quilt! There are plenty of mistakes, but I think for a first attempt (learning from a book, no less) it's not too shabby. See for yourself:

You can see how small it is, barely covers my legs!

I think I'll do another little one, so I can practice more, but this time try quilting by hand and see how that goes.


Mauricio said...

I hope you find something really nice!

Denny Vanderborken said...

The quilt looks awesome :)