Sunday, June 08, 2008

At least that's one exam I won't have to repeat

I passed my aerobics exam! I got a 95% on the written exam, and you only need 80% to pass, so I'm feeling pretty good about that, especially since I saved $100 by studying on my own and not showing up to their morning "how to pass the exam this afternoon" workshop. I technically still have to get CPR certified to be officially certified (I haven't done a CPR class since freshman year of college--remember the lesbians with everything and the kitchen sink? To the one person who reads this blog who will know what I'm talking about?) but that's just a matter of going to the class and getting it done. My boss at the gym said she was going to get a class together, but she's not always the best about following through with what she says, so I might just have to go through the Red Cross. I of course just missed three classes this past week, which were half price since it was CPR awareness week (who knew?) so now I have to wait like a week and a half. Not that it really matters, I just like to get it over with.

Also, I've decided I like con law much more when you get rid of all the fuzzy parts (aka like 90% of it) and only have to know the actualy rules and tests the Supreme Court has come up with. Since on the bar exam they can't really test you on those questions that there is no answer to (like everything we covered in law school) they just have to ask on the stuff there IS a right answer to, which is pretty awesome. Like my new favorite example, that sidewalks in general are a public forum, but sidewalks that are on post office property are private. There aren't any other sidewalk exceptions, that's the only one I know of. Why does it exist? I have no idea, but I'll learn it and pray that I get a multiple choice question about it so I can laugh in my head at all the suckers who put down "He has a first amendment right because sidewalks are a public forum" as their choice since it's an exception. Mwahahaha.

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Yes, I do know what you're talking about. Sometimes you have to crack some ribs.