Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Famous people

So my friend Cat, who is getting married in August, is at a fancy-pants spa in Arizona getting ready for the wedding. It's one of those places where you eat delicious lo-cal food and do nothing but get in awesome shape. I'm terribly jealous. Anyway, she went to a step class there a couple of days ago and who should be there as well but Pink! Apparently all of the step classes I encouraged Cat to come with me to paid off because she was able to keep up and did awesome, whereas it took Pink a while to get the hang of it. So Cat was way better than she, and after the class Cat told Pink about me dragging (her words, not mine) her to all of those classes with me. So Pink has heard of me! I know, pinnacle of fame there, but whatever.

In other "celebrity" news, some of us were at dinner at CPK a couple of days ago, and who should we see by Tyler Hansbrough. It was kind of funny because he walked by and I thought to myself, hm, that guy is tall, and then Chris told me who he was, and it all made sense. We were going to steal his straw, in order to continue an important tradition, but that heathen drank straight out of the glass! I was pretty disappointed he ruined it for us.


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Tyler Hansbrough!