Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Favorite Founding Fathers

Like most teenagers, when I was in high school I took sides in the whole Adams versus Jefferson debate. Granted, my knowledge was not particularly deep, but I was pretty convinced that I was a Jefferson person. So last year I got the Adams biography by David McCullough that was supposed to be so awesome and I read it (well technically I got it years ago but I finally got around to reading it last year), and it was indeed great. Plus, it gave me a whole new appreciation for Adams and really made me reevaluate my opinion. I highly recommend it, especially anyone who isn't a big Adams fan, because I think you'll read it and end up one. I still haven't seen the HBO miniseries because I don't have HBO, I'm bummed about that, but I digress.

Anyway, I got a biography of Alexander Hamilton recently and just finished that (PS notice it's a bargain book right now on Amazon, only $9, get it!) and it was also fantastic (I mean, understanding as you read it that the author is all about Hamilton so it's not totally unbiased). I didn't know very much about him before reading it, and I really had no idea just how much he did to shape America. But I digress again, because my point was that Hamilton butted heads with Jefferson a lot, too, and so after reading the Adams biography and the Hamilton biography, I'm starting to be kind of pissed at Jefferson! So I got a biography of Jefferson to try to even out the exposure they're getting, and like Jefferson again. I think I might have erred and gotten the wrong biography, though, because the one I bought is only 200 pages, and the reviews were excellent, but I'm somewhat skeptical about how great a picture I can get in only 200 pages. Maybe that's book snobby of me, I don't know. Anyway, hopefully I'll rediscover my love for Jefferson after reading it. But I am sure that Aaron Burr can bite me, I don't need to read his biography to know that.


Henry said...

I'm a Jefferson guy, but that's only 'cause I had to write a crude biography of him in the fifth grade once. I watched the HBO mini-series on John Adams. I liked it. It felt like highlights of what Adams' life, but it was compelling in some parts. I'd recommend checking out The Secret Lives of U.S. Presidents by Cormac O'Brien or Secret Lives of the First Ladies by the same author to get some amusing facts on not just Jefferson and Adams but every other President as well.

Anonymous said...'re a big gov't lover? :).

No, I like Hamilton as well, and Jefferson. Jefferson more.


p.s. this post sounds like that of a history nerd.