Friday, June 27, 2008

I love Fridays again

The one good thing about this bar review class I'm doing is that it makes me appreciate Fridays again like I haven't in a long time. This whole year, seeing as Wednesday was my Friday, Friday was nothing special. And I actually disliked Saturdays, because Saturday meant that the weekend was more than half over already! Now I have a whole new appreciation for the weekend, it's kind of nice.

This is hilarious, and not related to the bar exam at all. Aren't you proud of me? I'm sure you are.

I got the boxes I'm supposed to pack all of my stuff in delivered today. So far I've packed half a box and thrown out about the same. I feel like that's pretty good progress for one day. I got the boxes this yearly so I could take it slowly and just pack a box here and there, but I'm guessing I'll still end up having to do most of it right before I leave for the bar exam, and thus panicking super crazy. I can't wait.

Oh, I found my Y! Apparently when it flew threw the air it actually landed on the edge of my laptop, on the black plastic part right near the edge where the screen hits it at the 90 degree angle, and I didn't notice because of the whole black plastic on black plastic thing. And I don't take my laptop to school with me now since I just take notes in the barbri workbook, so somehow the Y never got jostled enough that it moved, and I never saw it. But now my keyboard is whole once more, yay.

Tomorrow morning I'm doing a knitting class with my friend Bri, I'm excited. Always adding to my craft knowledge.


Andy said...

does the knitting class also include crocheting? that's more fun in my opinion. (yes, i've done both. oy.)

Reva said...

This class just has knitting. I already know the basics of crocheting, and I like that better too. Maybe because I've been doing that since I was little, but I like the one needle versus two better.