Monday, June 23, 2008

Manic Monday

Every time we have a thunderstorm here (which happens quite frequently, as it turns out) the power goes off at my place. Only for a second, just long enough to have to reset my clocks, but still. Yesterday it went out three times in an hour, drove me nuts. And apparently when I reset my bedroom clock that third time, I managed to switch the AM and the PM for the main clock, because although my alarm clock was set correctly for 8am, it didn't go off since my clock thought it was 8pm. Which meant that I woke up at 8:43 this morning, for my 9am bar prep class. Luckily I am awesome and made it from my bed to my chair in class in 22 minutes. And I even made my bed, too! (I hate leaving the house with an unmade bed, and would probably spend the 30 seconds it takes to make it barring something other than a house fire or crazy serial killer invading.) But it made for a hectic morning.

Also, studying for the bar is ruining my health. My eyes have really been bothering me lately, and I can only assume that after three years of law school not affecting my eyesight at all, the never-ending reading of bar prep has taken its toll this month. I think my vision in my right eye has gotten worse, and I don't know if that's even possible in just a month, but it feels like it. They've been bothering me so much that I actually took out my contacts this afternoon, and went out in public in my glasses today. I was horrified with myself, but I had no choice. Plus, the prescription for my glasses is actually a little different than the one for my contacts, and I think this might be the right one for my right eye once again (I went from -1.5 to -1.25, but now I'm thinking I'm back at -1.5). In addition to my terrible eyesight, I know have arthritis in my right hand. Well, not arthritis, but it feels like it because the joints in my hand are killing me from all the handwritten notes and stuff I've been taking. I haven't been typing them because I feel like I retain it better when I hand-write it, but now my hand hurts so much I don't want to write anything! I think I'm going to try taking some Aleve or something.

Finally, in both legal and Duke news, this is hilarious.

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