Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So helpful

I've been looking for this particular kind of fabric and I can't find it anywhere. I've been googling it to no avail, and I'd finally taken to calling individual shops and seeing if they have it or know who is a fabric wholesale type place that might have it. It turns out it just doesn't exist, unfortunately, but before I found this out I emailed this online fabric store to see if they could give me any suggestions (since they didn't have any in stock). And while I give them points for promptness (I got an email back like ten minutes later), their advice was "try doing a google search." Hm, wish I'd thought of that, thanks random fabric site.

Also, my internet is being *painfully* slow right now. It wasn't working at all last night, and I called TWC (who should die) and made an appointment for a technician to come out tomorrow afternoon, but now it's working again. Except, as I said, it's so slow I'm just sitting here waiting for pages to load. It's like dial-up. But I don't know if a technician can actually fix this or not (I don't really trust them in terms of fixing problems) so I'd rather not bother keeping the appointment if it isn't actually going to help, because then I can just stay at school and do my bar studying, which has been my usual plan so far. I shall ponder. And maybe take the advice of my electrical engineer major friend who said to just try turning it off and on and see if it fixes the problem.

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