Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wow, it's almost July

Since knitting class I haven't practiced that, but I've been quilting. Makes total sense. Well, I was going to hand quilt the quilt, but after about one foot worth of hand quilting I realized that that was a terrible idea, and I decided to switch back to machine quilting, and since then it's gone much faster. Hopefully I'll be done with this one relatively soon because I just got a quilting book and I decided what I want to do next and I want to get started on it! You know, in between the bar studying.

Speaking of, I'm so excited because on Friday, we don't have any assignments (fourth of July) and I'm planning on taking the entire day off. A whole day off!! It's going to be amazing. If I don't panic too much about the bar exam being fewer than four weeks away at that point. Wait, I panicked a little just typing that. Ok, going to block it from my mind.

And since I'm talking about the bar exam yet again (sorry), here are more lolcats! Adam, any time you want an explanation, I'll be happy to do so in excruciating detail. It'll be a good way to review.

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