Monday, July 21, 2008

And we're officially one week out

I heart crim law/procedure questions, and questions about mortgages. Well, as much as one can heart any bar exam questions. I've been doing old bar exam essays, from the last few sittings, and my dream essay question was on the February 07 exam. I'm so sad since that means we won't have it now. Also, the sample essay they had as "one of the best in the state" for that question was total crap, which gives me hope. (Seriously, the guy kept talking about "malice afterthought." Cracked me up.)

Mortgages I know thanks to my real estate finance class this past semester. It was the one that began at 7:55 on Mondays, but not only did that give me my three-day weeks, it totally taught me mortgages, which according to PMBR is the most heavily tested property subject. So hooray for real estate finance!

Speaking of classes, I'm still waiting on my grade for one class. Keep in my last final exam was May 1, and grades were already due at the ridiculously late date of June 16. So yeah, this guy is taking over two and a half months to grade 32 exams. Awesome fella.

Movers come Friday...and I can't believe I'm really leaving Durham this weekend. Probably on Friday, actually, unless the movers come super late. I can't believe it's already been three years! I'm going to miss it, we've had a lot of good times.

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