Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back to biographies

It's July, and I think I'm officially freaking out in my head now, because it's less than four weeks away. Four weeks away from you being free from hearing me freak out too, so I realize it might be a happier deadline for you. And as soon as it's over, there will be many good times...I get to spend a week in CA with my undergrad friends, and even get to attend a Cal football event! And then I go to Montana to be with Duke Law friends for a wedding. So I see so much happy starting August first, but getting there is scaring the crap out of me.

In other news, I've been reading this series of books about this lawyer in Oklahoma since I high school I think, and I'm finally done with it. It's about a defense attorney, and at first the books were good because it was full of investigation into who the real killers were, etc etc. But lately they've become super preachy and all about whatever issues the author is so concerned about, and I just finished one of his most recent, and it was just awful. It was one giant sermon, with now exciting case at all! He kind of faked it for a while, but it was more of a distraction to the real story than anything else, and I've decided I'm just done with him. So William Bernhardt, we are through! No more time will I waste on you.

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