Monday, July 07, 2008

Best idea I've heard in a while

Andy, I completely agree with you, and couldn't hope more that you're right (as long as it happens that way in CA too!). I'd be willing to lie to everyone I know who hasn't taken the bar and pretend that it was a real exam, no problem. In fact, I'd even make up extra sections that weren't on it just to make it sounds even harder. Like, the part where they give you a box of machine parts and you have to create a spring gun, and then explain why it would be illegal to set it up in your garage to protect your family heirlooms that you keep out there from the pesky neighborhood thieves. Man, that would be kind of awesome. Way better than our version of a "practical test" where you get a case file and a law library and have to write memos and crap like that.

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