Thursday, July 31, 2008

good morning

I'm sitting in the big conference room at the hotel, waiting for day three to start. For some reason I'm actually getting internet today (hooray!) so I figured I'd kill time by posting. I never really described what it's like here. I'm at the Hyatt in Century City, and the entire bottom floor of the hotel (with the conference rooms) is all the California bar. Which, incidentally, they call the "California bar semi-annual exam" which I think is them trying to make it sounds less scary. Something about that semi-annual makes it sound it's a good thing, like a semi-annual sale. LIARS!

Anyway, Chris estimates there's at least 1000 people taking the exam here, and I have absolutely no guess since I can't tell how many other than seeing that it's a ton of people. The proctors are all quite elderly, most of them very slow and incompetent. It's pretty frustrating. We're all sitting at long rows of folding tables, with power cords strung along every row so we can plug in our laptops (they have some testing centers which are handwriting only, and some that are for laptops. Handwriting would kill me). A few people have brought pillows, but I've yet to see a book stand, thank goodness.

Three essays and one performance test away from freedom! I can't wait.

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