Sunday, July 06, 2008

I do love history, after all

I got to celebrate the Fourth of July just like our Founding Fathers...without electricity! Right as we were getting to leave to see the fireworks a huge storm rolled into Durham, so we had to nix those plans, and not ten minutes later the power went out. Well, normally the power flickers in my place all the time, it usually goes out just for a second or two (long enough so I have to reset my clock and end up messing that up so I oversleep), but this time it stayed out for six hours. So I got to take a shower by candlelight, and read in bed by candlelight, and hope that all the food in my fridge wouldn't go bad (it didn't, not to worry). It's a good thing I'm a girl and have a bunch of candles. Plus two flashlights that I've been keeping at the ready for just such an event for the last three years! I love being prepared.

I've packed three whole boxes now in anticipation of the movers coming in less than three weeks. In my defense, they're big boxes, and I've also gotten rid of a bunch of stuff too, so it's really more than that. But you can't even tell looking around my room because I've just got so much stuff in general. It's worrying me. That plus the bar exam being in three weeks and one day. I panic in my head, and yet I'm not sure how to turn that into really productive studying. It's a conundrum.

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