Thursday, July 17, 2008

It never ends

It's funny, I was worried that when we hit crunch time for studying, I wouldn't have the attention span to study more than five or six hours a day. But apparently, that's not a problem for me. I see how people can become workaholics now, there's just always more waiting to be done. And while that never got me motivated to work 24/7 before, now the terrible feeling I have that I totally suck and am going to fail the bar has taken care of that for me.

Do me a favor, promise me (in your heads) that if I fail the bar you won't judge me?


John said...

Reva you're going to do AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

and I can promise no such thing.


henry said...

When in your lifetime have you ever failed a test? Seriously... I've seen you get worked up for a test that you've ended up acing and I always wonder, "Why would she get worked up for on any test?"

Granted, the bar is a different sort of animal, but I have utmost confidence in your abilities, Reva.