Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Taking care of all that annoying stuff that you have to do when you move has helped me discover a new pet peeve--people who talk to you on the phone, say that they aren't the ones who can help you, but they'll transfer you to someone who can, and all they do is send you back to the main menu that you option 4'd your way out of 20 minutes ago. That is NOT transferring you! And seeing as I'm currently on hold for the four hundredth time in the past three weeks, I'm tired of it.

Also, I'm quite annoyed with myself for not signing up for my cable and internet last week when I knew what my options were, because now the earliest installation time is a full week after I get to DC, which I am not happy about. And the little online receipt thingie says I should anticipate 6 hours installation time, which I just cannot fathom is correct. It's cable and internet, for pete's sake!

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Mauricio said...

What did you decide to get? Comcast or Verizon?