Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Murphy's law

I put some of my crappiest law books for sale on a few months ago, and of course nothing sold (I have a bad habit of thinking, oh I should save these books because of course I'll want them later, when of course I don't). And now that all of my books are in storage with the rest of my stuff? Of course I finally sell something! Here's hoping people still need books after the first week of September, when I actually have my stuff.

Well yesterday I went back to Berkeley for the first time since Fall 2005, and it was more or less the same as I left it, which makes me happy. I got a bunch of new Cal gear too, which makes me especially happy! I'm sure Jamie will love his new Cal doggie toy. I refrained from buying him a Cal collar and leash, although I totally would have gotten him the food bowls if I could have fit them in my suitcase. I guess I'll just order them once I've moved in.

Tomorrow's the last day in the bay area, and then on Thursday it's off to Montana! So many good times.

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