Monday, September 29, 2008

Day one

Last summer on my first day of work, I was supposed to be there at 9am and I walked in like exactly on time (after everyone else was already there) because I had taken a short detour across the street when I got confused about which building I was going to (they're both the same number's ridiculous). So this morning I was determined to be there well before 9am, to make up for last year. I got to the metro station at 8:30, and of course a train was pulling out as I got there. So I waited for the next one, but that one ended up stopping a couple of times along its route to wait for another train, so by the time I got to my building it was, of course, 9. And as the elevator door opened to the main office, I hear someone saying, well we're just waiting for one last person to show up. So, perfect! I was officially the last one to show up for my first day of work. But at least I wasn't late.

Anyway, as far as first days go this was fine. Lots of orientation, mostly. It was supposed to be over at 4:30, which I was pretty excited about, but instead I got to have a meeting for my first two projects at 4:45. Yup, I already have two projects! And unfortunately they're about something I know nothing about, banking. So I'm going to have to get started learning, which isn't a bad thing. Maybe now I'll finally know what's going on with this whole bailout thing.

I'm sleepy...I don't like having to get up early.


Mr. Cooper said...

You're like a grown-up and I'm scared.

John said...

I don't want to hear you complain about waking up early when your work doesn't start until 9am! Consider this: there are PLENTY of days when I'm already at work when you show up (and I still live on the west coast remember!)!

Anyway, congratulations on getting through your first day!