Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm home!

Hooray for my neighbor who has an unsecured wireless network!!! Now making it through the next week cable and internet-free has just become manageable. Mostly because it will no longer be internet-free. Fingers crossed it doesn't disappear on me.

Made it to my new apartment, movers came this morning and delivered all of my stuff, and so far the only thing that broke is the one thing that the movers in NC packed for me. Figures. I haven't unpacked all of my dishes and stuff, so we'll see if I screwed up too, but for now it's Reva 0, Movers -1 (where 0 is the highest score you can get).

UPDATE: Ok, we're currently tied thanks to a wine glass that didn't feel like staying in one piece. Still pretty good for a first-time packer, says I! Especially considering that the lamp piece was the only thing that the movers packed. Good thing I did everything else.

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