Sunday, September 28, 2008

Less than 12 hours!

You know, I was thinking about how my entire life has kind of been leading up to this point. Do well in high school to go to a good college to go to a good grad school to get a good job. And I finally did it! I finally reached the end of the long road, gotten the good job, and now...I'm done. I've reached the big goal. It's weird to think about it like that, like I've finally achieved the thing I've been kind of working towards since like kindergarten.

The first few days will just be orientation, so at least they'll ease us into it. And I saw some of the people I worked with last summer over the past week, just to hang out, so I know I like my co-first year associates and will have fun with them. I'm not stressed out about work yet, it's just the very notion of having a permanent job seems so weird. I'll probably get used to it soon...maybe by Christmas?

I finally got the good wedding photos from Andy, so I'll post those soon at some point when I'm not super lazy. I also took some photos of my new apartment so I might post those too (mostly for my parents...sorry, everyone else).

They told us to go ahead and bring in some personal stuff for our offices if we want...I still haven't gotten my diplomas framed. I should probably get on that at some point.

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John said...

Congratulations Reva!! You're going to do AWESOME!!