Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now I see why people have GPS

Well no wonder it took forever to get home from the gym. And when I say forever, I mean a ten minute drive took an hour. Plus they closed the freeway and made all of us exit about two miles before my exit, and hello, I just moved here two weeks ago so I had NO idea how to get home. I had to call Andy and have him google maps me home. I'm glad the cop is going to be ok, though.

In other news, I think my phone might have gone insane. When I was calling around for people to help guide me home, the first or second time I'd dial a number, I'd get weird "this number not in service" messages, or busy signals (for cell phone, which have call waiting). Then just now I tried to call my voicemail, and twice when I hit send to call it, instead I got someone else's phone calls. I'm assuming it was someone else's phone calls, because I heard a voice talking and it wasn't to me, and it wasn't voicemail. Very very odd. Third time I finally got to my voicemail, but still, I think my phone has lost it.

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Mike said...

i had to call you like ten times before i got through. the circuits were jammed.