Friday, September 05, 2008

sweet sweet victory

Man, there is nothing like winning your home opener, you know? What a feeling. And my first home game since 2004, that was great. It was very strange not to be sitting in the student section, but the young alums are right next to them, so it wasn't *so* far away. We still got to face the sun as it set, woo.

While I was in the bay area I made a super cute cupcake "cake" with Liz...I'll post a picture of it later when I'm not too lazy to upload it.

I leave for DC on Sunday! Which means now I'm trying to finish up all the stuff I meant to finish before I left. I also have to figure out what is going to fit in my suitcases and what is going to have to get shipped. I am so excited about the prospect of being in the same city for more than a week at a time though, it's going to be great. Until I start work, of course, but we're pretending that isn't going to happen still. Even though some of my friends have already started their jobs--scary!

Speaking of my friends, North Carolina has already released their bar exam results. Meanwhile, CA continues to wait until November 21st. I think this is cruel and unusual punishment.

I'll try to post again like a normal person...sorry for the lag time.

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