Thursday, October 02, 2008

Almost Friday!

Today was actually not a bad day at work...I only had an hour of orientation stuff, and one of the projects I'm working on I actually feel like I know what I'm doing! It's not a complicated project, but still, it was a nice feeling.

Tomorrow I'm taking a 2L who is interviewing at the firm to lunch (along with a partner). It's kind of exciting, my first interview! I kind of wish I was doing the lunch with someone I knew (I just met the partner today at a firm happy hour), but hopefully it'll be cool regardless.

The disclaimer from yesterday is actually the disclaimer that I'm required to put on any written (or electronic) thing that comes from me at work. I put it there as a joke, although the only people who would get it are my friends at work, who don't know I have a blog. So I guess it was mostly a joke for myself.

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Mr. Cooper said...

I thought that joke was great!