Monday, October 20, 2008

I am going to cut a bitch

I am really pissed at the stupid woman who is running the group exercise at Bally now. The guy who was doing so was super nice, but they got rid of his old job nation-wide, so now this other woman took over in some other capacity, and not only is she apparently incapable of creating a complete sentence,* she also can't read her emails. I wrote to her last week to talk to her about me finishing my paperwork to get hired, we made an appointment to meet today, and I emailed her this morning to confirm the meeting. Well apparently she finally read what I wrote to her a week ago because now she says, oh wait, you already filled out the forms, I have to contact HR and see if they have them, and then we'll do your training later. Which is something she should have taken care of last week when I wrote to her! And she completely ignores me asking her who is taking over the Tuesday class that the above-mentioned fired guy was teaching. So I ask her again, and she says this other lady (who sucks) is now going to do it. But I asked her last week about it! This rant-y post is not making sense, but if I posted our entire email convo, then it would. So just trust me, I'm outraged and rightly so, and this woman is a moron and on my list.

*This is an actual email from her: "Let's set up a time to meet at Landmark next week. So I can review our policies, procedures and teaching opportunities with you." And another: "Since you have already auditioned with Leslie, and he has already went over the policies and procedures. I will need to check with our HR department and see if your application was faxed over. " Seriously, complete sentences, bitch!

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