Tuesday, October 28, 2008

quick notes

I have gotten so lazy about posting after work. Sorry!

I got a haircut on Friday, and I went to this girl that my co-worker recommended. While I like my hair just fine (except it's a little shorter than I wanted), I don't think I'll go back to her because I felt like she was judging me the whole time! She hated like everything my hair cutter in Durham had done, she made kind of mean comments about how I straighten my hair...I just felt kind of uncomfortable with her. Plus, she was super "trendy," and that's great for her, but her hair was a glorified mullet. So ha to her, I was judging too!! And I think I'll try a different place next time.

I got a third "notice" about Jamie's barking, this time in the form of a phone call. It turns out the little citronella chamber on the collar was empty, so of course it wasn't working. The girl who called me was super nice though and didn't sound threatening like, oh you're going to have to get rid of Jamie if this isn't fixed soon. And I got out of her that it's just one neighbor that keeps complaining, basically. She said he'd complained because he'd heard barking at 4pm, sometimes as late as 9pm! Oh my lord, 9pm! Seriously, who is home at 4, stop complaining. And I got this phone call at 5:45, for pete's sake. Also, it's not like he's waiting a few days until he can't take it anymore, then complaining--the citronella just ran out yesterday. Just like the battery died the same day as the second complaint. So clearly this guy is a little trigger-happy when it comes to complaining. So all I have to say is, douchebag.

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Anonymous said...

I loved your Durham stylist! I think I might still go to her even though I'm in GSO/W-S. :)
- Jen