Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

I passed by a Hollywood Video today with a sign "Experience DVD here!" in the window. I feel like maybe they haven't redecorated in a while.

My work retreat was fun, but I'm so glad it was over yesterday because I've spent a long time recovering. Apparently it used to go until Sunday afternoon, which I would have been seriously dissatisfied with. This was much better, although even so, not nearly as awesome as last summer's trip to Arizona was.

My friend Mauricio took care of Jamie while I was away and he loves him so much that he's already called a local shelter to meet a couple of doggies to see if he wants to adopt one of them. Yup, my puppy is that well-behaved (mostly). Actually, I had some of my work friends over and they were amazed at how obedient he is. Now instead of me telling him "go to your crate" and him doing it (which he's done for a long time), he goes in all on his own when he sees me getting ready to leave for work in the morning. Yup, my dog is a genius.

Weekends go by so quickly...I keep thinking of stuff I want to do on subsequent weekends, but then it feels like if I just keep waiting for the next weekend, I'm wishing 5/7ths of my life away. Which is a lot.

And John, you're IS hard to post while working full-time. It'd be a lot easier if I could post from work, though (not that they've said it's not allowed, but it doesn't seem prudent).

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