Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book review

Well happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm sure as we were all sitting around eating masses of food and watching football, you were thinking to yourself, I wish I knew more about the Pilgrims and the first 60 years or so in America than I remember from my elementary school Thanksgiving plays (maybe that was just me? I was an Indian, my name was Silver Shell. Yes, I remember that from 4th grade). Well, fear not, I have a great book for you to read! Mayflower, which actually covers way more than just the Mayflower, is a terrific look at everything from the Pilgrims attempting to come to Virginia, to the beginnings of settlement by the Puritans, all the way through King Phillip's War. I actually conducted an informal survey and apparently King Phillip's War is not the common knowledge I thought it was! So I highly recommend this book if you're looking to find out more about the early days of American settlement. And sure, maybe nobody has the time/interest to read this book, but I figure what the hell, I'll tell you about it anyway.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hooray for vacations

I have a lot to catch up on. But I'd like to state first for the record that my testing center was not one of the places that got extra earthquake points on the bar exam. Just in case you were wondering (not that I think they made the difference for anybody, three points when the pass minimum is around 1400 isn't exactly a difference-maker).

Also, apparently being an actress on HIMYM is a form of fertility treatment (thanks Andy). I'm just glad they say they're not writing it into the show! That would be a disaster.

Home for Thanksgiving, and it feels weird because it seems like I should be at work. It's like all of a sudden I'm back in school, on vacation! Except now I have a blackberry.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Really quick

I was feeling fat last night so I decided to get up this morning at 5:15 and go to a 6:30 am step class before work. Which wasn't too bad except that the last time I've gotten up that early to work out was about a year and a half ago, and it'll probably be another year and a half before I do it again. And now I'm tired and I meant to go to bed early but I had to pack because I'm leaving for home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I have more to post about, but this'll have to do for now. Just marvel at my stamina, getting up at 5:15 to work out. I know, I truly am awesome.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, I was in the audience for this. And it pretty much happened exactly as the article describes. Mukasey was giving his speech, and seemed like he was winding it up, when all of a sudden he started slurring. Then a few seconds later he was kind of stuttering the same word over and over, like a broken record, and then he started to tip forward. At this point only a few seconds had gone by really, but it was pretty clear to the audience what was going on. So a few people ran up to help him, and I have to say, I've never seen a more respectful audience of hundreds of people. Everyone stayed in their seats, they turned the lights down low, and people were virtually silent for at least twenty minutes, while they were helping him, and then the paramedics came and took him away. It was kind of amazing how long it took the paramedics to get there, actually. So the entire room just sat there in silence, watching and waiting. They finally took him away, and then the emcee got back on the mike and said a prayer, and then told everyone that the evening was over. This was a lawyers' Federalist Society convention, so when it first happened somebody got up and was shouting "Is there a doctor in the house?" Which was weird in and of itself because I thought they only said that in the movies. So the guy said it like twice, and then after getting no response, kind of muttered under his breath "bunch of lawyers." I thought that was kind of amusing.

The article just says that he collapsed, but it looked like a stroke to my very uneducated eyes. And I know other people in the audience said the same thing.

36 hours

I've been pretty zen up until now, but I'm starting to get nervous...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Boston Pics

I have more to say

I'm procrastinating going to bed, even though I want to. It's a weird thing, I like can't go away from my computer. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was happy to leave Boston to get away from the cold...and the high temperature here today was 39 degrees. And in LA, as Adam pointed out (too lazy to link), it's in the 80s. I'm moving back in January, I swear. It's where God intended us to live.

Monday, November 17, 2008

One more thing

I talked to the group fitness head at the gym I started teaching at, and apparently the women who came to my class really liked me! The only problem is that they said my combos were too hard. Now this is bad because I purposely picked some of my simpler ones, and I didn't even make all of those interesting like I like to. I might switch to the Thursday class because that one is apparently a more advanced class (or a slot for it, anyway), we'll see. But now I'm trying to figure out what new combo to do for tomorrow's class and I don't know what to pick! There's one solution, really, and it's for them to conform to my teaching style. Because easy step is boring step. And I refuse to compromise my step principles.

I'm back and I'm tired

Boston was awesome. I'm too lazy to post pics now, but I loved it. Except for the ridiculous cold on Sunday. When the wind was calm, I was all ready to move there. Then the wind started blowing and I changed my mind. But I still loved it.

Also, I'm a woo girl! Wooooo!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

blogging from my blackberry

Let's see if this works!

I was supposed to have landed in Boston an hour ago, but instead I am sitting in DC still. Mechanical difficulties, whatever. I'm on another flight, so if all goes well I'll be in Boston only three hours late. But they made me go through security twice, and the second time I had to go through the "extra" security screening, and they stole my damn Tide pen. So I am displeased. On the plus side, I had a beer during my long wait and that helped ease some of the crankiness.

My baby

I just dropped off Jamie at the kennel, and he was just like a little kid. He didn't want to go with the lady, he kept running back to me and jumping up and putting his front paws on me, like he was giving me a hug. Even the lady commented that it was super adorable. Except of course it made me feel kind of bad for leaving. But he'll have a good time, he'll be in daycare during the day and get to play with lots of puppies. So I console myself so I don't feel guilty.


It's apparently windy and rainy in Boston this weekend...How am I supposed to walk the Freedom Trail if there's a thunderstorm, hmmm?? This better not spoil my plans.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pet Peeve #74

People who half-ass their workouts. And I don't mean those days when you're tired and it's just not working for you. I mean talking on your cell phone while you're lifting weights. And on the elliptical. And not just a bluetooth headset, but actually holding the damn phone up to your ear. As a woman was doing tonight in my building's gym. She has no idea how much disdain she was getting from the other side of the gym tonight.

In other news, exactly one week from tonight the California bar exam results will finally be released. Yeah, I still don't know whether I'm a lawyer. Today New York's came out, which I think makes California officially the last state. At the very least, it's the last state that anyone I know is waiting to hear from. So here's the long as I pass, I'll post here and let you know. And if I never say anything about it again, then don't ask. Assume I decided not to be a lawyer, and will shortly be telling you of my new career plans. I really try not to think about it, actually, it just makes my stomach hurt. I just force my mind to think about something else, it works pretty well.

Probably won't post from Boston, but I'll try to take lots of pictures!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm shipping up to Boston

I'm going to Boston this weekend for the first time ever, to meet up with Liz as she goes there for a med school interview and to see Adam. I'm very excited...mostly for all the awesome history stuff. I mean, I'm sure there's other neat stuff about Boston, but it's very very cold there, so it's lucky that it's got so much cool history to make up for the coldness. Fortunately it looks like it'll be ok this weekend, but I'm keeping my guard up just in case a freak snowstorm or something shows up. I wouldn't put it past Boston. I know what goes on up there, I've heard the stories. Anyway, the only problem with my trip is that I'm going to be there for less than 48 hours. But there's so much to see! Plymouth alone is probably a full day, given that it's not even in the city. And of course there's Lexington and Concord, but I'm going to wait for Andy to take me there another trip. I'm not sure what I'll get to do other than the generic Freedom Trail stuff that everyone does, but that's ok, gotta start somewhere. I'll save more for my next late spring or early fall.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Onion or a real story? Amazing but true. And by amazing, I mean this woman should have a guardian ad litem appointed. She clearly is not competent.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The verdict

I know you're all dying to know...and step class went fine today. There were very few people there, but I know that's because the gym has had a lot of trouble getting an instructor for the class and there's been a bunch of subs that the regulars haven't super loved. Of the people there (the grand total of four), two kept up with my choreography pretty well, one did a decent job, and one was totally lost. And I even kept it more or less simple today...which doesn't give me hope for this class, because dammit, I want to teach a tough class, not a boring one. But it was only the first day, so we'll see how next week goes. I must say, however, this gym (which is pretty new and fancy) has the nicest locker room I've ever seen. It doesn't just have shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body scrub in the shower, it also has deodorant, hairspray, and disposable razors! I've never seen such gym luxury. Amazing. The only problem with a midday shower is that I have to leave my hair a curly mess, but such is my rough life. Good thing I have not much to do now so I can afford to escape in the middle of the day for like an hour and a half (plus).

Monday, November 10, 2008

What a champ

There was some sort of mix-up with my dog walker today...and nobody came to let Jamie out. So my poor puppy was alone in the den for almost eleven hours today! And I have to say, other than him being kind of frantic when I took him out, I never would have known--absolutely nothing torn up in the house, no accidents, nothing. I have such a good doggie. Of course, he really was kind of flipping out when I finally set him free, but really pretty minimal after eleven hours of being cooped up.

Tomorrow I teach my first step class at this new gym and I'm kind of nervous. Apparently there's a pretty regular group that takes this class and they're really picky about who they like. I know I'm good, but I haven't taught for a few months, so I'm a little worried. I just want it to go well and for them to like me. And for it not to cause any problems at work. So fingers crossed all goes well!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My french sucks

I was shopping today and this woman came up to me and asked me if I spoke French (in French). I think I said no but she looked really upset so I tried to help anyway with my grand total of one semester of french, and I was able to understand her just fine (thank you, all romance languages, for being the same) but when I tried to talk to her I sounded like an idiot I think. Luckily I was able to help her (she'd lost her son and wanted to call on the PA system for him...turns out the son was 42 years old, which when I'd asked her I thought she'd said 14 because who would be so worried about a forty year old? But then after she said that I started thinking it over and realized my mistake and then sure enough a forty year old came over). But seriously, my French is embarrassingly bad. I need to get back to reviewing my Russian, and then review some French. Also, I need to win the lottery because I have waaay too many things to do that don't involve work.

In better news, after spending the last seven (yes, seven) weeks struggling with Bally to get hired as a step instructor, I finally decided to contact other gyms and see if they were looking for anyone (yeah, obvious I know, but for some reason hadn't really occurred to me). And I got hired already! I sent out an email to this gym on Friday, talked to the woman on the phone, met with her today, and boom, I have a job. Plus I get a free gym membership, and it's a really nice gym that costs like $80 a month. I'm going to be teaching a lunchtime class, which I hadn't even considered, but I think it'll actually work out well. I'm starting this Tuesday, so we'll see shortly!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Book review

I mentioned earlier that I bought a biography of Jefferson that I was kind of skeptical about because it was so short. Well, I'm sorry to tell you all that my fears were well-founded--while the book was generally enjoyable, it was far too simple a take on his life. It just glossed over so much, like the years he spent in France, that I felt that I really was missing out on a lot of information. Also, the author kept using the word "vex," and I personally am a fan of the word, but he used it twice on the same page. Come on, that's kind of weird. Anyway, I think if I was a high school teacher I'd assign this book to read, but if you know anything about him, it just felt way too shallow to really do him justice, especially after reading such detailed books about Hamilton and Jefferson as I did recently.

Where did the sun go?

It was true when I said it two years ago, and it's true now--"fall back" sucks! It's already completely dark outside, I hate this.


Yesterday was amazingly beautiful and in the mid/upper seventies (very randomly so, it's been freezing for the past week). Today it's back down to the fifties and kind of cloudy. Just another reminder that I should move back to CA...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I hate Verizon like it ate my babies

I went to order the Cal-Oregon football game a few minutes into the first quarter, but was told by my tv that I can't order it with the remote so I have to call verizon. So of course I go call and after an extended menu I finally talked to someone who told me his system wasn't working so is it ok if he transfers me and puts me on hold "for one two to minutes." I say ok. 25 minutes later, I'm still on hold, livid. I finally hung up and called again from the start but the stupid verizon automated menu was so awful that I had to hang up and start from scratch! Finally the third call I get another guy and told him all of this and he goes to get me the game and he says, oh, the ppv isn't working now, you'll have to call back later. Now, at this point I started almost yelling. I made sure to tell him that I'm not yelling at him, I'm yelling at Verizon, but I made it very clear that ever time I have to call them it's a huge pain and instead of watching my game I've been stuck on the phone with them for 40 minutes by that point, and now because the first guy was incompetent and put me on hold when the ppv was actually working I'm missing my game. So I told him that if I call back I expect to get my game for free. I am so angry right now I want to throw something. Absolutely ridiculous. I really would sidekick someone in the stomach right now if I had a verizon employee in front of me.

Also, I'm mad at the drivers around here because they keep honking at me for no reason! This morning driving to the dog park I turned from a stop sign into a road into the right lane, and the car in the left lane started honking for no reason! Now I KNOW I wasn't about to go into his lane because if there's one thing I know how to do, it's hug the curb when I'm turning right (my mom can back me up on this, I hit the curb a lot). And then on the drive home some guy starts honking at me for not turning when the light was green...and running over the freakin PEDESTRIAN right in front of me!!! Seriously people, shut the hell up. Before I start cutting you. I am a big bowl of rage at the moment.

UPDATE: After several more frustrating telephone calls to Verizon, I have been informed that their computers will be down until Monday. I am calling them and demanding some sort of discount on this month's service. And I also just discovered that my sink has been leaking and I didn't know about it. I feel like Alexander right now.