Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm shipping up to Boston

I'm going to Boston this weekend for the first time ever, to meet up with Liz as she goes there for a med school interview and to see Adam. I'm very excited...mostly for all the awesome history stuff. I mean, I'm sure there's other neat stuff about Boston, but it's very very cold there, so it's lucky that it's got so much cool history to make up for the coldness. Fortunately it looks like it'll be ok this weekend, but I'm keeping my guard up just in case a freak snowstorm or something shows up. I wouldn't put it past Boston. I know what goes on up there, I've heard the stories. Anyway, the only problem with my trip is that I'm going to be there for less than 48 hours. But there's so much to see! Plymouth alone is probably a full day, given that it's not even in the city. And of course there's Lexington and Concord, but I'm going to wait for Andy to take me there another trip. I'm not sure what I'll get to do other than the generic Freedom Trail stuff that everyone does, but that's ok, gotta start somewhere. I'll save more for my next late spring or early fall.


Mr. Cooper said...

Yay! Fun times ahead!

John said...

You are going to egg the Garden right? Or at least hiss and boo at it or something? For Kobe?

henry said...

Haha, only you, Reva, would be excited about seeing some of the historical sites in Boston!