Sunday, November 09, 2008

My french sucks

I was shopping today and this woman came up to me and asked me if I spoke French (in French). I think I said no but she looked really upset so I tried to help anyway with my grand total of one semester of french, and I was able to understand her just fine (thank you, all romance languages, for being the same) but when I tried to talk to her I sounded like an idiot I think. Luckily I was able to help her (she'd lost her son and wanted to call on the PA system for him...turns out the son was 42 years old, which when I'd asked her I thought she'd said 14 because who would be so worried about a forty year old? But then after she said that I started thinking it over and realized my mistake and then sure enough a forty year old came over). But seriously, my French is embarrassingly bad. I need to get back to reviewing my Russian, and then review some French. Also, I need to win the lottery because I have waaay too many things to do that don't involve work.

In better news, after spending the last seven (yes, seven) weeks struggling with Bally to get hired as a step instructor, I finally decided to contact other gyms and see if they were looking for anyone (yeah, obvious I know, but for some reason hadn't really occurred to me). And I got hired already! I sent out an email to this gym on Friday, talked to the woman on the phone, met with her today, and boom, I have a job. Plus I get a free gym membership, and it's a really nice gym that costs like $80 a month. I'm going to be teaching a lunchtime class, which I hadn't even considered, but I think it'll actually work out well. I'm starting this Tuesday, so we'll see shortly!

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