Friday, November 14, 2008

Pet Peeve #74

People who half-ass their workouts. And I don't mean those days when you're tired and it's just not working for you. I mean talking on your cell phone while you're lifting weights. And on the elliptical. And not just a bluetooth headset, but actually holding the damn phone up to your ear. As a woman was doing tonight in my building's gym. She has no idea how much disdain she was getting from the other side of the gym tonight.

In other news, exactly one week from tonight the California bar exam results will finally be released. Yeah, I still don't know whether I'm a lawyer. Today New York's came out, which I think makes California officially the last state. At the very least, it's the last state that anyone I know is waiting to hear from. So here's the long as I pass, I'll post here and let you know. And if I never say anything about it again, then don't ask. Assume I decided not to be a lawyer, and will shortly be telling you of my new career plans. I really try not to think about it, actually, it just makes my stomach hurt. I just force my mind to think about something else, it works pretty well.

Probably won't post from Boston, but I'll try to take lots of pictures!!!

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