Monday, November 10, 2008

What a champ

There was some sort of mix-up with my dog walker today...and nobody came to let Jamie out. So my poor puppy was alone in the den for almost eleven hours today! And I have to say, other than him being kind of frantic when I took him out, I never would have known--absolutely nothing torn up in the house, no accidents, nothing. I have such a good doggie. Of course, he really was kind of flipping out when I finally set him free, but really pretty minimal after eleven hours of being cooped up.

Tomorrow I teach my first step class at this new gym and I'm kind of nervous. Apparently there's a pretty regular group that takes this class and they're really picky about who they like. I know I'm good, but I haven't taught for a few months, so I'm a little worried. I just want it to go well and for them to like me. And for it not to cause any problems at work. So fingers crossed all goes well!

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