Wednesday, December 03, 2008

America's pastime

Also, at some point I'll give you my tv viewing schedule, much like Andy has done. Mine is pretty similar, but I will tell you regardless.

In other tv news, I am hosting a HIMYM Marathon a week from Sunday! I've invited my entire class from work (as in, everyone who started this year with me), along with my Duke and other friends that are here in DC, and we're going to start with the pilot and work our way from there. I am going to get every damn person I know watching this show! And Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, I think I deserve a visit to your set. I'll pay for it, you just let me in! (And no, I did not have to look up their names, I knew them off the top of my head.)

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Anonymous said...

I wish in DC for your HIMYM Marathon! One of these days I'll get started on it -- not that I watch much tv anymore.