Friday, December 19, 2008


I had a busy Monday through Wednesday, but yesterday and today things
have been really quiet at work. As I mentioned earlier (I'd link but
I'm blogging via email) Facebook deleted my Duke account, and despite
my efforts, which almost actually paid off, it's not coming back. So
yesterday I spent a while mentally going through people who may have
been on my Duke facebook and adding them as friends to my Cal
facebook. If you are one of those people and I didn't send you a
friend request, I missed you and it's not coming, so friend me!
Anyway, I must have friended like fifty people, so I've been getting
emails all the time over the last 24 hours or so of people who have
accepted my friend requests. It kind of tricks me because I think,
oh, I have email! But it's fake crappy auto-response email. Oh, I
just remembered, my cousins might have been on my Duke account. I
should go add them.

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