Monday, December 08, 2008

It's currently 23 degrees outside

So I totally am bucking my once-every-year-and-a-half trend and am going back to that 6:30 am step class again today. But this time it's not by choice--they needed a sub so I said I'd do it. Note the time stamp on this post, please. Of course, they needed it for two days and I only said I'd do one of them--because I don't think I could do it two weeks in a row. I actually had a dream last night (my first, the one that woke me up around 2 am) about teaching this class today and it being the biggest disaster ever, just like everything going wrong. When I woke up and saw that I still had hours before the class, I felt like Mr. Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, realizing he could still set everything right and avoid the predicted disaster. Of course, my disaster was a dream disaster and so totally ridiculous, but still.

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