Monday, December 15, 2008

It's going to be a thing

I've been thinking about something a lot lately. I usually get into work more or less around nine, and so on a good busy day I'll bill three solid hours before lunch. I'll go have my lunch, and then afterward it'll be 1 pm and I'll look at my timers and I'll have only billed three hours even though it's the afternoon! And that makes me very sad. So as I said, I've been thinking. If we're going with the typical eight hour workday, 9-6 (with an hour for lunch), lunch at noon splits up the day so you've got three hours of work, and then another five. This makes no sense! We should be splitting up the day so it's four and four. Imagine how much happier we'd all be if we went to lunch knowing that we were halfway done with our work day. Now, of course I could take lunch whenever I want if I have nothing else going on, and lots of people don't work 9-6 or bill way more than eight hours in a day. But we're talking about societal norms here. Noon is what everyone thinks of as lunchtime. And 9-5 (or 9-6 with lunch) is the classic workday. So I think that we should move the official lunchtime to one pm. That way the "typical" workday is half over at lunch! I know, it's genius. Just imagine the psychological boost this will give people! And by people, I mean me for sure, but probably other people too.

UPDATE: Liz, the movie wouldn't have been called "9-5" if that wasn't the stereotypical workday. So I was just using that as a standard template. Also, I should point out that I don't like people disagreeing with me in my comments. You think about what you're saying next time, missy.

UPDATE 2: Yes, I do work for BigLaw and you bet they're pushing billable hours, not to worry! But my "billable year" actually doesn't start counting until January 1, which they do for the new hires so we can kind of ease into this whole job thing (we don't get a bonus this year either, so it's a trade-off), so I haven't been pulling the ridiculous hours yet. But I will still not be billing from 6-9 even after my hours *do* count, which is why I will never make partner.


Liz said...

Ummmm hate to break it to you but actually most people work closer to 8-5 so lunch at noon makes sense. And most people who work 9-6 take lunch at 1. Just saying.

John said...

I'm with Liz. 9-5 (or 6) are considered "bank hours," while most other people (like me and Brandy) work 8-5. It also kinda depends on what you do. I think banks and government type jobs open at 9, and you lawyery-people deal with courts so you open at 9 also. Meanwhile most other things open at 8.

Don't pick on Liz just because you don't like her response missy! Us Earth Scientists stick together! ;)

Brian said...

Wait, wait, wait. You work for a largish law firm as a first year associate and they're not pushing billable hours a bit harder? Based on what I read in The Firm, you should all be working closer to 6-9 while laundering money for the mob.