Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jim is ever so dreamy

So my family and I have been watching The Office on dvd from the beginning which is good because I didn't start watching it until season three and I thought I'd caught most of the early episodes but apparently I'd seen like two. And I have to say, I'm kind of glad that I know where things are going because

SPOILER ALERT! (Mom, stop reading)

If I didn't know that Jim and Pam would end up together I think my brain would have exploded by now seeing how adorable they are together and yet not together. And I know I'm like three years late on this bandwagon but I don't care. And if Jam weren't so cute with each other and meant to be I would have already kidnapped John Krasinski and locked him in my basement because I love him. And also I totally know the difference between television and reality.

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Mr. Cooper said...

I love how you have to do a spoiler alert for something that happened over two years ago.

SPOILER ALERT: Bruce Willis is dead in "The Sixth Sense".

Also, you will recall that I have met John Krasinski. He was nice.