Thursday, January 22, 2009


Two of my friend from work are coming to my step class today (just for fun, they've never done step before), and so of course I had a bad dream last night about my class. It was packed, and at first I was super happy about that, but nobody would listen to me, they were all standing around and chatting, I couldn't get the music right, nobody could hear me because I wasn't using the was a disaster. At 12:30 (class starts at 12) I still hadn't made it through the warm-up, and I was so frustrated I was screaming at people, and still they were ignoring me. I think this dream comes from the fact that I taught on Monday as part of a special MLK day schedule, and only two people showed up...and it wasn't so much the fact that only two people came as the fact that for some reason I'd been thinking, oh, day off of work, I'm sure everyone will be at the gym! Instead of oh, three day weekend, inauguration day weekend, people will probably be busy. So it was just kind of disappointing, and the two people who did show up weren't particularly awesome at step, so the class was just kind of a let-down. We'll see if today's dream portends doom or not...hopefully not.

UPDATE: No doom!

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