Sunday, January 11, 2009

He was robbed

I'm sitting here on my couch doing work, as I have been doing for a fair amount of this weekend, and the Golden Globes is on in the background (because the work I'm doing is somewhat mindless and I can have something on in the background that I won't pay all my attention to, like the playoffs or the golden globes). And I keep having thoughts about the Golden Globes but there is no one to share them with but Jamie, and he doesn't care overmuch. So I thought to myself, oh, I should liveblog the Globes right here on my blog! But then I realized that I can't do that and my work, so I'm going to be a grown-up and do my work instead. But I do have a couple of thoughts to share: (1) Ricky Gervais is hilarious. (2) Sure, Tom Wilkinson was great as Ben Franklin. But as NPH to play Ben Franklin, and then ask Tom Wilkinson to play Barney Stinson, and see which one of the two is the more versatile actor. I'm going with NPH.

UPDATE: Ok, I just remembered that Tom Wilkinson was really funny in Shakespeare in Love, but I don't care, I still think NPH wins. Or should have won. Also, I just discovered that Hulu has all of Doogie Howser, MD online, which is great since I've never seen it and I need something to watch at work while I'm doc reviewing.

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